These are my pretty-much-verbatim writeups of investigations into whatever topic is absorbing my attention at the time. I offer these to the 'net because invariably I have only got this far after reading a stack of HOWTOs and other material, trying a bunch of stupid things to generate errors, googling for the errors, working out how other people have fixed them and adapting their solutions to my situation. I am immensely grateful that other people take the time to write these things up; hence the technotes.

I am ecstatic to receive corrections; I am happy to engage in correspondence, but usually only the most recent technote or two will be anywhere near the top of my conscious memory, and even then I am no expert and cannot guarantee to be able to offer any help over and above the technote itself. I will be very unhappy to receive questions which indicate you haven't read the technote thoroughly. Tom Yates.

Most recent technotes come first.

I have also written professionally for the august organ Linux Weekly News. I'm linking my LWN articles here, with the most-recent at the top. Note that LWN's terms give them an exclusive right to redistribute for the first two weeks, so the top link at any time may only be available to subscribers. If you find that's the case, come back in a week or two - or subscribe, it's well worth reading.

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