Brief experiences with my new monitor

Last update: $Date: 2004/09/24 08:01:14 $

This isn't really a technote, it's more that when I bought a flat screen monitor a couple of months back, it was very hard to find good review information.

So, what I got was a Philips 170S (to be precise, a 170S5). In essence it's a basic 17" 1280x1024 flat-screen monitor. It has no speakers, USB ports or anything else. It looks something like this:

The picture quality is excellent. Horizontal viewing angle is excellent - pretty much 90º each side. Vertical viewing angle is also very good, about 80º above and 20º below. Picture quality was initially not as sharp as I would have liked, but when I realised the fault was in my Belkin OmniCube monitor switch, and removed that from the loop, quality became excellent.

Basically, I'm extremely pleased with the monitor, and I wanted to put something up here to say so, so that Google could index it. Questions to me, I guess.

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