Making an openstreetmap map

I made a tangoGPS track using my openmoko, edited and tagged it to OSM format, and uploaded it to OSM.

Making and converting the track

I let the GPS settle down, then walked to the beginning of my path (the middle of Sedgwick St.), used Track -> Start, walked down the alley to the middle of Cavendish St., then used Track -> Stop.

That made a trace, which ended up in the 'moko in ~/Maps (which is itself a link to my microSD card's FS). I copied that to ~/tmp on my desktop.

Following this page I downloaded the converter to ~/openmoko/ and ran

~/openmoko/ 20090810_080818.log > 20090810_080818.gpx

Tracing the track

Ran josm with

java -jar ~/bin/josm.jar
and used Open to open my track. Then also used Download OSM Data to get the existing OSM data for my area, using shift-click-drag to open a slightly bigger rectangle on the map so I could get both Sedgwick and Cavendish Streets to make sure that I connected both ends of the alley.

Used the node-connector to tag the three legs of the alley, pressing ESC after the last leg to dismiss the floating arrow.

Then used Select Move and Rotate Objects to select my new track, using Presets I tagged it as Streets -> Service, with a surface of "concrete" (as suggested by this page in the wiki).

Uploading the data

Having registered for an OSM account, I pressed on Upload OSM Data (next to the Download button) to put my new way onto the main server. It didn't immediately appear on OSM, so I fired up josm again and enabled "Properties for selected objects", which told me that I had accidentally tagged it as a tunnel. Once I fixed this, and re-uploaded the data, the service road immediately appears on OSM!

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