Preventing alpine from caching passwords between invocations

Version $Id: alpine-no-password-cache.html,v 1.3 2023/04/27 13:38:23 madhatta Exp $

After my recent upgrade to Fedora 38, I noticed that Alpine (v2.26) had started asking me if I wanted it to save my IMAP password to disc, so I wouldn't be prompted for it the next time I started alpine. I don't want this, as it happens, but it proved a little problematic to stop.

Each time I started alpine, I'd type in my password, and it would prompt me:

Preserve password on DISK for next login?

I'd answer "no", but it kept asking me on each launch. Googling revealed that, in the old days, creating a file called ~/.alpine.passfile enabled on-disc password caching, but it turns out that removing it doesn't have the opposite effect: alpine recreates the file automatically, and keeps on asking.

I finally worked out you can stop it in the config menu. Go to Main -> Setup -> Config, then under Advanced User Preferences check the option Disable Password File Saving. Once you exit and save the new config, this has the effect of adding an option in .pinerc:

I suspect you can add this directly by editing the .pinerc file and inserting the option manually.

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