SHR on my OpenMoko

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rhkfin ran the first distro poll via doodle in mid-August 2009. It was a brilliant idea, the results of which can be seen at the poll page. In case the page is down, the results on 29.8.09 were

OScount OScount
OM (all flavours) 28 SHR 167
Debian 17 Android 9
QT Extended (et al.) 6 OpenWRT 1
hackable:1 13 Gentoo 4
Slackware 0 FDOM 0
Neovento 0 Mer 0
Qalee 2 Kustomizer 0
NeoPwn 0 RunningBear 0
Archlinux 0 Mokotouch 0
QT Moko 2

Essentially, nearly everyone who is active on the list is running SHR.

Angus Ainslie, who was the maintainer for OM2009, observed these results and asked the community what it thought he should best do with his time. The general consensus was that those still using OM2009 liked it, that they thought SHR was badly in need of a branch other than unstable - something a bit more static and less likely to break a phone every morning - but that they accepted that SHR was The Way Forward. In turn, the SHR community accepted that a -testing branch would be a Good Thing.

So in this post he officially decided not to maintain 2009 any further. I therefore decided to move my phone to SHR.

For my reference, the kernel used was uImage-2.6.29-oe11+gitr119838+2d158aae9d8d36f575504f59884ed8e80802efe2-r3.5-om-gta02.bin and the rootfs was shr-lite-glibc-ipk--20090808-om-gta02.rootfs.jffs2 .

Having installed the images, I booted the phone, opting for English language, Illume SHR profile, and default menus. I didn't understand the "Quick Launch" question and list, so I opted for none.

I then rebooted the phone a second time. Options->Connectivity let me set my APN to, after which GPRS worked. opkg-cl update && opkg-cl -test upgrade && opkg-cl upgrade got me the shiniest versions (I'm not yet sure if that was a good idea, but Angus recommended it).

Also installed...

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