Standard mail settings for clients

Inbound email

Type is IMAP
Server is
Port is 993
Security is TLS (sometimes called SSL)
No imap prefix

For authentication, your username is not your email address, it's the username that Tom provided you with. It will not have an @ sign in it. Your password will also have been provided by Tom.

Outbound email

Server is
Port is 587, or failing that, 25
Security is STARTTLS (sometimes just called TLS)

For authentication, use the same username and password as you used for inbound email (see above).


Your mail client will set your email address and full name as they appear on your outbound emails. If you don't set those parameters in the client, the system will provide some defaults, but they probably won't be what you expect or want. If that happens, I won't be adjusting the system defaults to meet expectations: it's your job to configure these settings in your client as you would wish them to be configured.

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