Three unrelated sets of photos that give some idea of fun things we've been doing this summer.

George and Helen's wedding

The happy couple arrive! Thank God, we can eat now.

Jazz band in full, well, swing

One of G&H's neighbours doesn't really believe these digital camera thingies work

Jazz band and wedding guests, including a good beard

George makes a point to Maurice and another guest

Guest trumpeter of quality number 1, Henry Lowther, takes the stage

G&H dance rather fuzzily. Sorry.

Guest trombonist of quality, aka Tony Parsons, takes the stage

Tony and Henry trade riffs with each other

Guest trumpeter of quality number 2, aka Maurice Murphy, takes the stage with some beautiful flugel work. This came as a nice surprise to those of us whose high-register hearing has been destroyed by 25 years of Star Wars.

Godchild 1/3, Tanya

Tanya looks dubious

Dubious and adorable

Dubious, adorable and hungry

I want a camera!

Look, I can feed myself. And not steal your camera.

Caroline plays with her God-daughter...

...who thinks this is great fun!

Godchild 2/3, Zachariah, and sister

Mitten contemplates

Zack with the latest in wearable yoghurt. It's like wearable computing, only, well, yoghurtier. Also features Zack's trademark extremely intense expression, licensed from his dad.

Zack again

Mitten is happy, possibly as a result of earlier contemplation