"I love having my photo taken"

Happy couple arrives from register office

Pavli finally gets a drink

Czech mate!

No paparazzi, please...

Pavli's dad tells a story about raisins that you don't want to hear before lunch

Inigo watches

Ned's dad watches and waits

Official photographer attemps to cut Pavli's head off

Ned's dad...

...just like that!

Aaah, our little daughter!

Ned speaks in Czech...

...and Pavli translates.

Ned needs help with his Czech

Hecklers are too quiet

They cut the cake

It's all just too much, but Fiona gets comforted by a small friend

Nous attendons le dejeuner sur l'herbe

Some busker we picked up _en route_ to the boat

Does this hat make me look English?

Ned asks if the striptease can wait until later

Peace and quiet

It's not what you think it is!

Everyone takes photos

Is it a bride? Is it a plane? ...

...No, it's Super Czech!

Super Czech holds court

The evening light really makes the dress glow (1/3)



I thought the party was on the boat

Pre-party nap

Ned wondering if he's lost the ring in addition to half the wedding party

Still napping

Perhaps if we look cool enough, they'll let us on the boat

Cam near Jesus' lock

Ned's Mum and Dad imitate the action of a figurehead!

It wasn't a hoover, honest!

Ned's natural charm and good looks


Moon and boat

"Am I married yet?"