View from bedroom of Auntie Pina's house in the morning.

Same view.

Eric and Stacey in the yard where Eric's Mom was born.

The church near Eric's Mom's house.

Same again. (it wasn't obvious?)

View from the church yard.

Gargantuan fig tree attacking the church yard.

Tom, Eric and Stacey in the church yard.

Eric by the house where his Mom was born.

Auntie Pina in the kitchen.


Geranium checkers

Sunset from the bedroom window.

Home made pasta!

Nonna in contemplation

Caroline writing down many recipes!

Home made ravioli!

Tom behaving suavely

Stacey and Nonna being enthralled with Tom's behavior

Mom and Auntie Pina in the kitchen

Mom and Auntie Pina being distracted from their cooking

Antonella and her fiance, Nino, in their new house

Nino and Mom outside the new house

The new house

More Italian people... sheesh

Local view from Auntie Pina's house

Another local view

A photo of the rare Uncle Chris breed of Italian man

More local views

Uncle Chris' chickens


Nonna, Mom and Auntie Pina