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All good travellers begin with a latte and the daily paper

Women ride side-saddle in India

Downtown Delhi

Our fearless driver, Sukhadeb, with his taxi

Early morning monks and monkey

Big traffic, small Bhagsunag Road

Road surfaces are made al fresco

Some locals

Downtown McLeod Ganj

Prayer wheels at the shrine on Temple Rd.

Kangra Valley

Market in front of Temple complex

Alita and her gang

Part of the temple complex

Temple courtyard: lame view

Temple courtyard: beautiful view

Even more beautiful view from same

Crowded temple courtyard - Tibetan schoolkids turn up to hear the Dalai Lama

"Flapping penguins"

Mani stones

Tom and a humungous prayer wheel

Gompa on the Lingkhor path with scary sky!

Caroline at the Tibetan Transit School

Tom, Palden, Michael, Ugyen and Claudia at the TTS

Palden with TCV classrooms in background

Tom gives a career talk - very scary!

Kids have failed to tear Tom limb from limb

Tom, Ugyen and Wangdu

Ugyen, Dolma, a reborn garuda and a snow lion

Washing day in the river valley

Wisdom stones

Sunset on monks on the Bhagsunag Road

Beautiful mountain panorama from the temple garden

Piccadilly Circus, McLeod Ganj