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Gerry and Joelle in the kitchen

Caroline in the lounge

Into the kitchen, through the dining room, from the lounge

Gerry hugs Patrick, weirdly!


Gerry, Patrick, Joelle and Caroline at the table (note Joelle's clever impersonation of Gerry

Same, plus me, thanks to the timer

Patrick flambes!

G+P 1/3

G+P 2/3

G+P 3/3

The tour starts here - looking in the front door (eventually, i'll lay these out wiith a little plan of the house showing vantage point and direction, but for now, stick with it). The kitchen door is aehad of you, and the lounge glass partition is on the right.

In front door, turn left, view down hallway

Through first door on left - Caroline decorates!

And through second door on left

Through third door on left, we were in there, excuse the mess!

G+P bedroom is last two doors on right, knocked through. This is the view through the doorway...

...and this is the view from the entry area into the master bedroom proper

Through kitchen door

This is the workspace, which was off to the left of the previous photo

With my back to the workspace, looking out a side door through the dining room

Advance to table, turn right, look through into lounge

From other side of lounge, looking back into lounge and through into dining room

Outside the front of the house - the hedge means i can't stand any further back. The front door is about halfway down this wall.

From far end of garden, looking back towards lounge door (RHS) and dining room door (LHS). Steps down to mushromm shelter are at right of house.

Proceeding around house, to end of garden, looking back at verandah (LHS) and slope down to sous-sol, and driveway (RHS)

From top of sous-sol slope, looking out to back garden, and hill beyond up to railway line

Down the garden, from the dining room door

Out the front door

The verandah

Gerry at dining room table, looking at photos (how apt!)

G+P 4

G+P 5