Family trip to Uffington, Summer 2002

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Caroline, Lucy and Emily on the sofa at the B&B

Emily is not happy

Everyone lunches at Blenheim Palace

Mum and Gerry. I like this one even though neither of them does!

Emily slurps

Patrick with his guard down!

Lost in maze, 1/2

Lost in maze, 2/2

Caroline and Emily play in the gardens at Blenheim

Small children make their own rules

First of many photos of butterflies

I won't bother captioning all these. Some are better than others.

Emily fell over...

..but starts to cheer up when cuddled!

Emily, Edward the Old English, and "puppy"

Mediaeval wall paintings in Great Tew church. This is in terrible danger of completely disappearing unless restored.

The interior of the church

Altarpiece at church

Interesting old vine in the churchyard

Emily the imp!

All at pub, 1/2

All at pub, 2/2

This is the bit where we all fall asleep on the grass!

Flower in our garden at home, 1/3

Flower in our garden at home, 2/3

Flower in our garden at home, 3/3