Photos from the 2002 Glyn Lewis Memorial Concert

Denis conducts in rehearsal; the soloist stands behind him

The whole orchestra, in full rehearsal splendour

First fiddles

Rowan in full effect; Heidi, playing the (in)famous piccolo trumpet part, can be seen behind her

First fiddles, with clothes on. OK, you know what I mean. Sit down.

Lower strings (including monster bass section), woodwind and brass

Denis conducts

Denis takes applause at the end of the first half

Another view of the woodwind and brass - note the imposing lower brass section

Denis conducts, woodwind and horns respond

The audience applauds madly after the end of Star Wars, and the concert

Having stood the brass and woodwind, Denis stands the percussion for section applause

With a final bow, Denis acknowledges the applause, the concert concludes, and we're all off down the Marquis. Photos to follow when Andy Dykes unloads his camera at me!