Photo Album

Well, we got a digital camera. Ergo, we took pictures. Here are some of them. I have reversed the order of the index so newest pages are now first.

The Essex Youth Orchestra Association's Glyn Lewis Memorial Concert, 14 September 2002

Some things we've done this summer.

Ned and Pavlina's wedding, 19 July 2002

Trip to Caroline's family in Italy, July 2002

Yates family outing to Uffington, June 2002

ICSF awards, Imperial College, May 2002

Trip to Kennedy Space Center with Steve, Deb, Tony & Ben, April 2002

2002 Glyn Lewis memorial wind band concert

Some more photos of Aikido class

Some photos of Aikido class

Gerry and Patrick's new house, November 2001

Our summer tour 2001 - motorcycling around the UK, Aug/Sep 2001

Lucy, Nick and Emily in their new house

Wedding of David and Kate Amann, 4th August 2001

Sergio and Maria come to visit London (only three photos)

Photos from the Glyn Lewis Memorial Concert, 13/14th July 2001

Photos of the house and dojo par-tay, May 2001

La toute famille restent en Kent, May 2001

Dean and Emily come to visit, April/May 2001

Mum's "Eric Ravilious" Trip to Lechlade, April 2001

Trip to India, March 2001
the india photos aren't digital photos, they are scanned real photos, but we like them too much to disqualify them by the fact that we got the digital camera just after we came back.

Even I must occasionally take a really nice photo. Here are some of the shots that I particularly like for their appearance, rather than their content.